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For MCUT Students

For MCUT Students


Registration Information

After a student successfully completes the application process and receives an admission letter, he must arrive at MCUT to register. Below is the registration procedure for new students:

  • Registering
  • Showing tuition payment proof
  • Presenting academic certificates
  • Receiving Student ID card
  • Returning registration certificate

Contact us at (02)2908-9899#4202-4205 if you have any further questions.


Course Selection Information

We provide a two-step online course selection; students can log into our online platform to select the courses they would like to take.

The url for the course selection platform is: http://day.course.mcut.edu.tw/

The online platform requires ID and password for access. Please contact our technical staff at (02)2908-9899#4263 if you have any questions regarding the platform.


Letter Grading System