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Welcome Message from the Provost

Welcome to the Office of Academic Affairs. Academic affairs form the core of a university. The affairs and documents we are responsible for include: recruitment, degree issuing, course development, syllabi, learning records, learning achievement evaluation, etc.

Since the university offers accommodation to all students, teachers, and staff members, they interact with each other both in the day time and in the evening, and our students basically have longer time and larger space for study. The Office of Academic Affairs has developed a teaching quality management system; based on early-, mid-, and late-semester evaluation of students' learning achievements, teachers and students can adjust their teaching and learning methods instantaneously to ensure the high quality of education at MCUT.

As you can see, we try to offer various resources to enrich our students'  learning experience. We hope our students can be well-prepared for their career development and will have a colorful college life.


Kevin Fong-Rey Liu